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If you have a wedding coming up in the near future, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about the best wedding hairstyle ideas for summer 2021. It can be challenging to choose because there are so many great options.

You want something timeless but also fashionable. Casual but elegant, too. While any style you choose can work, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The Most Beautiful Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for the Summer 2021 Season

Match your dress

Is your dress a casual, artsy style, or is it more traditional? Does it have a beach vibe or a long train? Thinking about your dress can help you understand your bridal style and then choose a wedding hairstyle. Take some photos of your dress and keep them with you as you decide on your hair, taking care to match the styles by opting for the same level of casual or elegant that your dress has. Another tip: make sure your wedding makeup is a similar style to your hair and dress, too.

Remember the weather

Since this is for a summer wedding, taking heat and humidity into account matters. It’s essential to know your hair type and what your hair tends to do naturally when it’s hot or when there’s more moisture in the air. You may need a frizz control product, hairspray, or another type of product in addition to your chosen hairstyle. Make sure to tell your hair stylist to remember to include all this on your wedding day.

The best wedding hairstyle ideas for summer 2021

Waves or Relaxed Hair

Waves are an excellent choice for summer. They are similar to curls but with a bit of a unique twist. They can also give a relaxed look for the day. You can combine it with other styles like up-dos, a half-up hairstyle, fancy ponytails, and more.


Braids are a beautiful summer look, especially when they are done in a casual but on purpose manner that is loose and flowy. You can also combine a braid with a chignon or a pulled-back look. Remember, braids can look very classy when done correctly.


Summer is always a great time for flowers. It adds dimension and fun to your hairstyle, and the flowers can match your wedding colors or dress. Baby’s breath is a classic choice, but you can also add a larger flower if you prefer; just limit it to one, so it stays elegant.

Extra details

You can add fancy bobby pins with pearls or other details to an up-do to create a one-of-a-kind look that will be memorable forever. Get creative with this – you can add diamonds, pearls, beads, or anything else you can think of for beautiful summer wedding hair in 2021.


In 2021, it’s all about classically relaxed looks that will never go out of style. Remember to match your wedding hair to your dress, think about the weather, and add that extra sparkle that makes you unique. Your wedding day hair makes a statement and can add to your bridal look.

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