This Health Change Was Good For Me & My Wedding Venue Business

How can a health change be good for my wedding venue business? Everyone knows that health plays a very important part in how we live our life. Good health makes everything easier, and poor health makes what should be an easy job, well, oh so hard!

I have always exercised. Be it with video on the T.V., an aerobics class in the church basement, or walking the country or city neighborhood roads. And, sometimes this was with kids along side on their bikes or in a stroller I was pushing.

I really thought my walk/jog was enough until I turned 59, and noticed it wasn’t. Our venue requires moving heavy tables, decor, and moving a lot of chairs around too. There is no down time in the summer, venue duties require stamina! Getting hurt is not an option. ?‍♀️

October of last year I asked my neighbor Sharon if she would be interested in going to the gym (I have never been a gym person) with me. I hardly knew Sharon at the time. I also new I wouldn’t keep going if I didn’t have an accountability partner.

What happened next was a health change that was VERY good for me.

You need a partner

Sharon is like me, a go getter and full of life. I would never want to call her and say, “hey I don’t feel up to it today, I think I’ll pass.” Um, no! That would make me appear weak and childish. I don’t want to be known as a flake for pete’s sake. ?‍♀️

Get into a regular class

Consistency is key here. We go at the same time, to the same place, and to the same class M,W,F. Usually the instructor is the same, so you get to know this talented person. Plus, he/she gets to know you. Our class routine mind you, is always different. That’s why its awesome, never a dull class.

Why a regular class instead of just going when you want to? I don’t know about you, but I need someone to show, and tell me what to do. If I went and tried to do the gym on my own, trust me, it would be a waste of time. Our instructor knows how to hit all those muscle groups. This is my gym and I love it.

Get the proper gear

Okay, this is good. When we signed up for the gym, before our first time, I contacted Sharon and asked what she would be wearing. I said, ” are you going to be wearing one of those cute outfits?” Wow, Teri! I hardly knew this person, so bold, lol!!

Yes, she showed up in a cute outfit, and I had on my old, old, stuff. ?‍♀️ I need you to know that I have upgraded, lol. They really have some nice outfits, and if you find them on sale, a good deal. You need to be comfortable, and good shoes are also a must.

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Pay a month or more ahead

Why pay a month ahead? So, you go silly. If I have paid for something, I’m going to do it. I don’t throw money down the drain. I just leave my card on file. That way it keeps renewing. Another – in place – motivator.

Get on the social media site

Why get on your gym’s social sites? Our gym has contests running, and special challenges going on all the time. You won’t know about them unless you get notifications.

I’m in the weight challenge right now. People sign up for 8 weeks on this challenge, and everyone pays $30.00. But, at the end, whoever loses the most gets all the MONEY. Last time I looked there were over 10 people on the list. Do the math, you/I could be rich, lol!

This Health Change Was Good For Me & My Wedding Venue Business

Don’t be shy

A health change is easier said than done, right?! OMgoodness, Sharon and I walked in the first day to an already established group. It felt like everyone was staring at us, plus as the class went on, we realized just how awkward and out of shape we really were; and… we both did some sort of exercise at home.

We didn’t know the names of any of the moves we were supposed to do either (that is why you need an instructor to show you the moves before each class). I remember us looking at each other, and wondering, what in the world we had gotten ourselves into!

Well, the good news is it’s been over a year now. We know most of the names of the exercise moves, and we have made the best friends. It’s like a family. We cannot believe the difference in our balance, strength, and stamina now. Our guys can’t believe it either.

The winter blues are a thing of the past. I feel better emotionally, and physically. What a difference a year makes, people!

Make a commitment

Can I challenge you? Do you need a health change? Yes, it’s a commitment, but you are worth it. None of us are getting younger. It’s more important than ever to make sure we are healthy and fit. I want to do, and go places with my children, and grandchildren; I want to – Keep Up – shall we say.

In conclusion

How does this all relate to my wedding venue business? I need to be strong to do my duties. As I mentioned earlier, there is no good time to be -out of service- at the venue. Safety and health are an issue when you run a business like ours. Being healthy and fit is no promise, of no accidents, but it can be a good prevention strategy.

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