Thoughts on the Cake Topper

There are so many decisions you need to make for your upcoming wedding, one would be, “what should go on top of my wedding cake?”

Thoughts on the Cake Topper

Cake Topper Ideas

  • Do you want a cake topper that you can keep forever and ever?  Or would you rather have it be something less permanent?
  • What shape will your wedding cake be in?  Is it a traditional 3 tiers or something different?  You can have it custom made any way you want, including the cake topper. 
  • Does your wedding have a theme?  If so, you’ll want your wedding cake topper to be an extension of that theme. 
  • Are you a traditionalist?  Or do the two of you like to be different? 
  • Do you want a topper that’s eco-friendly and can be eaten or composted (like flowers)?  Or a plastic molded token that can be saved as a fun memento of your special day?  Or would you rather have a crystal topper that would look great afterwards in your china hutch?

These questions are just meant to help you narrow your focus on what you really want.

Bride and Groom Cake Topper

You don’t have to have the original man in tux, woman in wedding gown topper unless that’s what you want.  The bride and groom can be in military gear, scuba gear, hiking gear, beachwear, or representing whatever your interests are.  You can have elegant or funny bride and groom toppers.

Flowing Flowers 

Create a topper with flowers.  The flowers can be whatever you want, in whatever color you want, and can trail down all tiers of the cake.  If you go this route you should put someone in charge of making sure the flowers get from the florist to the cake decorator at the appropriate time. Or, you could make them edible flowers so no one has to fuss with removing them.

Themed Topper

If you have a theme, you can easily find something to go on top of your cake.  For example, beautiful sea shells for a beach-themed wedding.

There are wedding cake toppers for just about anything that interests you! Dolphins, frogs, bears, horses, trees, knights and damsels, rednecks (really!), Harley-Davidson motorcycles, golfers, firefighters, cars, chariots, baseball, doves, butterflies, etc.

Crystal on Top

If your wedding is elegant, plan for an intricate crystal piece on top of your cake.  It can be the traditional bride and groom, monogrammed initials, swans, roses, lilies, bells, or hearts.  Some of the crystal pieces can be engraved on.

Sometimes as your wedding day plans evolve, you might change your mind on your topper.  No biggy, as long as you pick out your new wedding cake topper in plenty of time for your cake decorator or caterer to make the change.


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