Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Colors

By Taylor Oddino

Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Colors
Pink is my favorite color ever! I know my wedding color will be pink – hopefully my flowers will look something like these ? ~ TO


Most people always have some sort of white incorporated into their weddings. White is the wedding color, after all! But a fun part of wedding planning is getting to choose your wedding colors, or the accent colors. Blush pink, sunset peach, ocean blue – your choice! Here are some tips and ideas on your wedding accent colors.

What are wedding colors?

Wedding colors, also known as accent colors, are the colors you choose to mix into all that white. If you didn’t have accent colors, then your wedding might end up looking cloud-like with all that white (which isn’t a bad thing – all white weddings can be very classy!). However, most people choose to incorporate some other colors to add diversity to the look of their weddings. Common things that are accent colors: flower bouquets, cummerbunds, ties, jewelry, accents on the wedding dress, decorations, invitations, wedding cake frosting, etc.

How do you choose your wedding colors?

Your wedding colors can be anything you want! A lot of people choose their favorite color. Although, you do have to be careful – choosing insanely bright colors, or highly contrasting colors like black, can be a distraction. You’ll want to choose something that will complement your surroundings well. The first thing to consider is whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors. You have to consider the season/time of year if the wedding is outside, and the colors of the building/paint if you’re inside. If you’re outside, and there’s a lot of greenery, then you might want to choose a color besides green that will complement the plants, bushes and trees. If you’re inside a church with blue paint, then having blue as an accent color may complement the setting, or make you blend in. Just things to consider!

The rule of two

A lot of brides choose just one accent color, and others choose two. But I suggest choosing no more than two. If you have three or more accent colors, you’re wedding can start to look like a rainbow! The one exception to this would be if you choose a color palette. A palette of colors is a set of colors that complement each other, and a majority of the colors are neutral or cool. For example, a palette could include: burlap brown, snowflake white, Caribbean aqua and sandy tan. The one bold color in this line up is the Caribbean aqua, while the other colors are more like cheerleaders. The aqua will lead the way!

Fun ideas for incorporating your wedding colors

If you use your accent colors well, they can really add fun color to your wedding! Here are a couple of fun ways to use your accent colors:

  1. Centerpieces: A pretty way to incorporate your colors into your reception centerpieces would of course be to display flowers of your color(s) of choice. However, that can get pretty pricey. You could have glass containers (either long, elegant cylinders or antique mason jars, depending on your wedding style) and fill them with colored sand, colored glass beads, water with food coloring (and perhaps a floating candle), etc.
  2. Wedding Favors: Think of something fun you could leave on the chairs before the wedding. If it’s an outdoor, summer wedding, then perhaps you could make paper fans with Popsicle sticks in your wedding color and leave one on each seat. You can give guests little containers of confetti in your color of choice to throw as you and your beloved walk down the aisle. Or, if you really feel like getting fancy – leave a colorful food item! There’s usually a bit of waiting between the start of a wedding and when food is served, so you could always keep guests tied over with a little treat on their seat. Just make sure the treat doesn’t produce garbage that guests will have to hold on to throughout the ceremony!

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