Tips for a Fall Wedding – Part One

By Taylor Oddino

Crisp air, crunching leaves and beautiful, rich colors – fall is a season like no other. If you’ve chosen to have your wedding day in the fall, then you have the opportunity to plan a truly unique wedding. The possibilities are endless for fall weddings. It’s great to get creative with your decorations, photos, desserts, etc. – but there are also some things you’ll want to watch out for. Take a look at these tips and ideas for a truly special fall wedding.

Tips for a Fall Wedding – Part One

Prepare for the Weather

If you have a typical summer wedding, then you know what weather to plan for: hot! Fall weddings are a bit more difficult to plan for. If you have an early fall wedding, then summer could still be lingering and it could end up being quite warm. Or, you could get the unexpected fall day full of rain, wind and cold. The best thing you can do is plan for a little bit of both. If your wedding is outdoors, make sure you choose a location that won’t get muddy and messy if it rains – you want guests to be focusing on your radiant smile as you walk down the aisle, not the fact that their chairs are sinking into the mud! It’s a good idea to have tents at your reception too. Another good idea is to tell guests to wear appropriate shoes on the invitation, which is a good reminder for yourself as well: make sure you bring a cute pair of boots, just in case. In fact, some pictures in your wedding dress and rain boots would be pretty darn cute! 

Keep Guests (and yourself!) Warm

It’s not a bad idea to bring some sort of shawl for yourself. Play up the fall colors here – red, orange, brown, etc. Try and find a pretty one that you wouldn’t mind taking some pictures in. You could get shawls/cardigans for your bridesmaids as well. It’s important to make sure everyone attending your wedding is comfortable (to the best of your ability). You want guests to enjoy themselves and relax. You could even have a blanket bin where guests could grab a blanket on their way into the ceremony. For the reception – a fire pit or a hot chocolate/s’mores station! 

Fun with Food

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving foods? Sweet potatoes, turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, rolls, candied yams, green beans…I could go on forever! If you’re having a fall wedding, then you probably won’t have any problem creating a menu. The possibilities are truly endless. All you have to do is search for Thanksgiving recipes, which are plentiful on the Internet. Even if you’re not planning on serving a full meal, there are lots of great fall-inspired hors d’oeuvres: deviled eggs, spiced pecans, buttermilk biscuits with pulled pork, apples with caramel dip, etc.

 Special Decorations

Okay this is where you can really get creative: you can utilize fall-themed objects to decorate your wedding. Colorful leaves, acorns, apple barrels, pumpkins, squash, hay, peaches and corn, just to name a few. Imagine table decorations that are mason jars filled with acorns, wrapped with wine-colored ribbon, and stemming from the middle is a soft orange, long-stemmed candle with flakes of gold in it. Or imagine an entry decoration where you display apple barrels filled with beautiful, crisp apples, along with stalks of corn, some hay, and a chalkboard sign that reads, “Fall in love with us.” Get going – get creative!

Do you have any ideas for a fall wedding? We’d love to hear! Comment below!

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