Variations to the Traditional Reception

A traditional wedding reception typically involves a sit-down dinner of some type or a buffet. This is the time during the event where everyone “lets their hair down” and celebrates. There is generally cake and music, and often some alcohol served.

There can be some fun variations to the traditional type of reception. If you’re looking to cut costs or just want to do something a little bit different from the norm, think about one of the these fun reception alternatives. They include: the picnic reception, cocktail/beverage reception, barbeque reception or champagne and cake reception.

Variations to the Traditional Reception

The Picnic Reception:

This type of reception is perfect for summer or fall weddings. Getting everyone outdoors and serving picnic fare is a fun way to change things up. It also makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere. The type of food served will typically be cheaper then what would be served at a sit-down dinner or even a buffet. You and your fiance may want to cater the reception or cook everything beforehand. If the number of people invited to the wedding is fairly small, doing it yourself might not be too difficult, if you have someone who can take charge during the reception itself.

Cocktail or Beverage Reception:

Instead of having a traditional reception where a meal is served, host a cocktail/beverage reception instead. Drinks and a few light snacks would be the only items served.  It would be a good idea to mention that a cocktail/beverage reception will be following the ceremony so that people are not anticipating a full meal.

Barbeque Reception:

This type of reception would be great if you would like your wedding to have a warm, intimate feel. What’s more down-to-earth than a barbeque? Steak, chicken and sausages could be served as well as a few sides and drinks. A backyard is a great place  for a barbeque reception.

Champagne and Cake Reception:

A Champagne and cake reception is a much less expensive option then a traditional reception where a full meal is served. It’s possible to make this type of event both classy and tasty. Champagne and cake isn’t a bad combination, particularly if you choose higher-end Champagne and a luscious cake. Put your limited budget towards a few items instead of trying to do a bunch of things.

Remember, when changing up your wedding reception is that it’s YOUR wedding reception. Don’t let people say “you can’t do that” or “it’s just not done that way”. It’s your day, your choice and really those who love you will be happy for you no matter what is served at your reception!


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