Wedding Advice: Make an Inventory List!

By Taylor Oddino

Hi friends! As some of you know my boyfriend’s sister Lauren is getting married! We’re ten days out and I can’t wait! I’m honored to be her mini wedding coordinator.

Wedding Advice: Make an Inventory List!
I spy! Who’s that in the middle? Meet Kitty Cat, my assistant!

The wedding is on Sunday September 4th but we’re spending the whole weekend out at the venue (it’s a resort). There is so much going on that weekend! Between the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, all the family members arriving, setting up tables and centerpieces and putting bouquets together (yes we ordered flowers in bulk and are doing flowers ourselves…wish us luck!), we are going to have our hands full!

The mother of the bride, my boyfriend’s mom, is out of town this week. I can’t wait for her to come back and finish up some wedding details! I’m helping look after her house and animals while she is gone and I wandered into Lauren’s old bedroom, which is now “The Wedding Room.”

We have decorations, signs, party favors, centerpieces, table linens, bridesmaids dresses, Lauren’s underskirt and so much more in there. I realized it’s time to make an inventory!

So that’s my advice for today – make an inventory list! It will keep you organized…and sane! I’m just starting to make my inventory list for the wedding. I used Excel to create it. If you need any help making one, or would like an Excel template, just reach out to us and we would love to help you!

Wedding Advice: Make an Inventory List!

My plan for the “Got it?” column is to write who is taking what up to the resort (aka what car each item will be in). That way when it comes to unpacking the cars we can do it in an organized fashion rather than dumping everything out and trying to sort through it all. I’m thinking we’ll even have themed cars – one car full of mostly reception stuff, one car full of bride/bridesmaid stuff, one car full of ceremony stuff, etc.

How did you stay organized for your wedding? Or how do you plan to stay organized for your wedding? We’d love to hear! We always have our Wedding Planner Sheets to keep you organized!

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