Wedding Days ~ Always Remembered

Wedding Days ~ Always Remembered

I remember my daughter’s wedding day like it was yesterday! Why?  Goodness, there are so many reasons… let me start at the beginning though.

The wedding took place in our backyard. I woke that morning in August, early of course, slipped on some comfy clothes knowing I had lots of work to do before a shower and my mother-of-the-bride dress would go on. I sneaked out of the house while everyone was still sleeping, headed down to the ceremony area and even sat in the chair I would be seated in that evening.

The sun was just coming up. I felt so blessed, humbled and excited all at the same time. This was the day. Oh how we had planned, organized, purchased, borrowed and all for this special day.  Whew! Here we were at the finale. I could have sat there and reminisced longer but…

From the balcony behind me came the words I love to hear: “Mom, where are you?”   Ah, it’s started, time to MOVE.  Everyone grabbed a quick breakfast because we had to be out of the kitchen ASAP, my oldest daughter was making the wedding cake for her sister. Of course the cake had been prepared and just the final coat of frosting and embellishments had to be put on.

Meanwhile Grandpa Bob had arrived with his pick-up truck so we headed up to the neighbors to borrow the horse trailer to pick up more chairs and big beautiful potted plants (done in the wedding colors) from Grandma’s house. Picking the flower pots up had to be done at the last minute because we didn’t want the deer to feast on those petunias before the wedding.

Our hair stylist arrived about 9:00am and started making everyone beautiful. This was a really special time because all my girls had on Grandpa Ron button up shirts (easily taken off after hair is styled). My dad, also known as Grandpa Ron, had passed away the year before so wearing the shirt had us all reflecting on Grandpa Ron.

At about noon I set out rolls and bread, a veggie tray, a fruit tray and some drinks so everyone could grab and go about their business. Then more special friends started arriving to get tables and chairs set up with linens and table centerpieces.

They were also decorating the backdrop, table for sign-in and a table to hold wedding presents. I even remember Aunt Goldie sewing the ring pillow at the last minute! At 3:30 the photographer arrived and we were all dressed and ready for pictures.

We had planned and organized so well that everyone was able to have a great time. All through the day I heard laughter, joking, discussing what to do and how to do it.  So many memories were made on our wedding day; memories that will always be remembered.

What are some of your sweet memories? Share in the comments below.


Teri : )

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