About to hire someone? Use this wedding photographer checklist to make sure they’re the right person for the job.

Wedding Photographer Checklist

You’re in the middle of wedding planning, and now it’s time to choose the photographer. To save you time when looking around, ask these questions beforehand. It will help you determine how reliable and experienced someone is before handing off your wedding day to them.

Ask to See Portfolio and References

Check the portfolio because you want to see their previous work. You can find this on the photographer’s website or social media.

Find out what their style is like and what type of shots they usually take. Is it very thought out or more candid? Black and white or very colorful? See if it matches with your own preference.

Then, check out their references. Ask people to honestly tell you what it was like to work with this person. Were they professional, timely, and understanding? Were the pictures well done? Reviews online can also help.

Always Get Everything in Writing

You can’t-and shouldn’t- move forward with anything without a contract. You need to know what your photographer is expected to do and what falls on you.

Ensure this includes their prices, how much they charge for overtime, and anything extra they require. Are you expected to provide anything by way of props or materials? Try to add everything you can think of, so it’s all decided in advance.

Engagement Photos

It might seem obvious, but you should use your wedding photographer for your engagement photos. This can help them practice photographing you as a couple, and it can also help you understand their style and what things will be like at the wedding.

Is the Photographer Insured?

This is extremely important! Your venue will want to know that this vendor has equipment and liability insurance. A good photographer will have this in place already. If not, consider working with someone else.

How Many Weddings Have They Photographed?

It’s best to hire someone with years of experience shooting weddings. Although it’s vital to keep prices in mind, try to opt for someone who is very comfortable with these events and has pictures to prove it.

Bonus: Wedding Shot List:

A good photographer will already have ideas about what kind of photos to take on the wedding day. But here is a bonus selection to get you started.

  • Getting ready photos – hair and makeup, the dress, toasting with the bridal party.
  • The wedding ceremony – each person walking down the aisle, the vows, the kiss.
  • The reception – father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, couple’s first dance, everyone dancing and having dinner, cake cutting, speeches.
  • The exit – the goodbyes, the happy couple’s departure, the getaway car.

Wrapping it Up

Your wedding photographer is a critical vendor on your big day. Take the time to find someone with the talent to do a great job. Since this person will take the pictures you’ll look back on for years to come, you need someone who can see your vision. Then you can enjoy your wedding photos forever.

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