I have had so many people come up to me and ask how did we become a wedding venue owner so, I decided to write it all down in an eBook for anyone to purchase.

Almost every wedding here at Denison Ridge brings folks up to me or my husband asking the same question “Do you own this venue, is this your home, we have thought of doing this.” And the questions just start flowing.

Writing an eBook is a formidable task at best. The formatting, editing, finding people to review, setting up a launch schedule (OMGoodness, do you know how time-consuming this is?).  You have to learn how to use PicMonkey and Canva, what is that you might be saying? Write an eBook and you will learn so stink-in much!!

Oh, and then there are all the posts to write and social media platforms to keep up on. Actually, if you start a venue you will learn all this fun insanity (I actually do love this part). The learning curve is less of course if you are young, lol!

Starting out

There are so many aspects of owning and running a wedding venue that everyone just does not have a clue about. I have tried to break the whole process of starting a venue into bit size chunks so that it will be as stress free as possible. With that being said you are about to take on a huge project.

When Les and I started, in 2011, we had no idea what we were doing. It became very clear that we needed to be on the same page, and working together. I have been a stay at home mom for years, a home-school mom too. I knew how to talk to children best and run a household. Meeting the public has been a stretch for me personally, in a good way, but it was sure daunting at first.

Heavens, there are many facets to running a venue! My hope is to share our story along with a plan to get your venue up and running.  The eBook will give you the knowledge to keep you on task.  With forms, checklists, and a great resource section of all the things we use, the learning curve will be shortened.

Before you even consider becoming a wedding venue owner, know your “Why”.  Why are you starting the venue? There will be times that you’ll have to go back to your “why” to keep your sanity and focus.

Owning and running a wedding venue has many blessings and so many wonderful people to enjoy, but as with any business there will be hard days. If you think you are interested in running your own venue Sign-Up for my  “Creating a Venue Launch Date Schedule”. This will give you a great look into the requirements of starting a venue.

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