What Makes Denison Ridge stand out as a Wedding Venue

There are so. many. beautiful venues! What could possibly make Denison Ridge Shine among the masses? That my friends is the question. Its my belief there are so many because we are all very unique in style and taste. What appeals to one sweet bride, does not to the other. This is a marvelous gift to each venue owner.

Every venue owner has his or her unique style and taste too. When touring venues you will find this out. My venue reflects the things I love and yours will too. Why would I add or do things to my property that didn’t make me happy to look at or take care of everyday? You might enjoy this post Why You Should Consider Denison Ridge for Your Wedding Day.

Many of you know about my eBook How to Start and Run a Wedding Venue – In Your Own Backyard (written because so many want to start a venue). When I go places in my small town or nearby city I get the same question all the time. “Aren’t you afraid of the competition?” No, I’m not! For the same reasons I shared above – everyone has different styles and tastes and to add to that, budget plays a roll.

So what makes Denison Ridge Shine? Let me share my thoughts.

I love my profession

My backyard takes on a whole new look every weekend. OMGOODNESS, brides have the most wonderful sense of style, color, flair, fashion, themes and so much more. Working with these talented individuals and families brings me So. Much. Joy!

Working with brides and their families is an honor

This is not just a business for me! I truly care about every person that walks into my yard. The stories and chats I have with guest; priceless. I try not to be so busy that I can’t stop and acknowledge those who want to visit. They understand when I have to run.

By the end of some events I have made such sweet acquaintances. Most stories are happy but some are so sad. Like the grandmother who’s grandchild, only 8 years old had cancer and wasn’t expected to live.

This is real life. I still pray for this sweet child, my heart is broken for this family.

My home is a haven

The home we live in is a gift. I share the gift of my property every weekend in the summer with families that are creating lifetime memories. I hear the same things every wedding, “it’s so relaxing here, it’s so beautiful, it’s so peaceful, I don’t want to leave.”

When we started the venue it was with the prayer – Lord Jesus, that those who come would feel your presence.” And they do.

I love people

Listening to one on my favorite podcasts the other day the Jennifer Allwood Show , she started talking about our spiritual gifts. I had taken this test years ago, so I got into my files to see just what it said my gifts were.

My high was administration (so me), and then it was pastor/shepard, followed by exhortation. People tell me all the time I am a good listener, because I care, I care about people.

Life is tough, and we usually do not need reminded of our faults or what we have done wrong. We need to be encouraged. And, most of the time it just requires a few kind words.

You see, a venue is more that just flowers and pretty things. There is emotion, caring, and being helpful. Are you looking for a summer venue? I’d love to show you around.

What Makes Denison Ridge stand out as a Wedding Venue

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