What to do When Starting a Wedding Venue - and You Have too Many Ideas

Every-Single-Day I get new ideas… and a lot of them! Do you have this problem? Do you drive your business partners crazy, maybe it’s your spouse? How about your grown children? I think… having to many ideas, is a syndrome. I have not looked this up, but it must be true, so many of us rustle with this – issue, or was that syndrome?

Well, whatever you or I want to call it, it’s a very real thing – to many ideas. We also know that until we act upon these ideas nothing will ever happen.

Of course there is nothing wrong with having to many ideas. I have heard that some people actually struggle in this idea area. I know that is hard to believe if you are not in that situation, right?

The question still remains, what do you do with all those wonderful, exciting and fabulous ideas? Well, I have some ideas!!

Create an Idea Bucket

-Gardener and writer Elizabeth Roth says, β€œRoses that are left unpruned can become a tangled mess of old and new canes all competing for air and light.” We can say the same thing about our lives. A life left unpruned can become a twisted knot of ideas, tasks, and projects competing for your limited time and resources. If you don’t prune some of the branches from your life, the important ones will never flourish.-

Creating an idea bucket sounds very fun! Put a cute little bucket (okay, maybe a big bucket) on your desk, add a pin to write with, and have a pad of sticky notes in the same area. Amazon has some very cute buckets to choose from. Every time a new idea pops into focus, it goes in the bucket.

When it’s project time pick one of those ideas out of the bucket. This would add a bit of fun too because you never know what might be picked! Sometimes the choice might not work – right now. There might be something to consider, like there is still snow where this project needs to happen. No biggie, pick again, returning the other idea in the bucket for later.

I’m definitely a note pad and paper girl (the bucket idea does sound fun though). I get a yellow notepad and write all my project ideas down. This note pad sits in a big tray that is on top of my microwave. I really don’t procrastinate once the project is chosen. Be sure and cross it off when it is finished… I love the crossing it off part!! πŸ™‚

Most of my new ideas involve my husband, lol! So… my timeline must line up with his most of the time. That’s why lots of ideas are good. You need to have some you wont need help with, right?! πŸ™‚

Now things get real.

Create a project deadline

A project deadline is a must! Get out your calendar and set that – done date. While you might not be able to gage the deadline perfectly, it is still beneficial to have one.

I’m the type of person that will give myself to much time to finish. Why? Because I hate being late! On the other hand, I usually finish early for the same reason… not being late. πŸ™‚

You know your personality, or should I say your cheat system?! Whatever is decided, stick to it.

Trust yourself with the new idea

What happens now is that we start wondering if this is a good idea or not. While I hope before the project was stared you have done do diligence in pricing out the materials, and made sure you have help available if needed, there will always be that little doubt monster that rears it’s ugly head.

Dang, I wish it didn’t happen but it does. However, the good news is every time you move forward, and do the hard, it gets easier. You and I can only gain confidence if we are willing to do the hard, and scary. I know this to be true, very true, in my own life. And… I bet you have had the same experience.

Master the habit of finishing

Guys, see the project through to the end. The reward is in seeing the finished result that everyone can enjoy. You’ll be able to stand back and say look at that, I did it!

It always makes me smile and walk a little lighter, for a few days anyway πŸ˜‰ , to know I stuck with the idea and now I can enjoy it.

Plus when it’s your wedding venue, many guest will get to reap the benefits of the hard work you put in for their enjoyment.

What new ideas will you begin with

Here at the Ridge we have done so many projects!! From landscaping, hunting down dΓ©cor items that have been added to, taken from, or overhauled. Creating new photo areas in and about the grounds has proven a fun adventure also.

What flowers go in shaded areas, learning flowers for sun areas. How about when we added the sprinkler system, and ran electric lines at the same time so we could have power everywhere.

There are things to replace because the first choice didn’t work or has worn out. New ideas are a given in the wedding venue industry.

The problem is to know when enough is enough! And that my friends, is another post that needs written.

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