Overwhelmed by options? To many wedding venue ideas? Here’s how to select a venue without the stress.

What to Do When You Have Too Many Wedding Venue Ideas

If you’re ready to set that date and get married, choosing the place you’ll say “I do” is exciting. When every idea seems like the best idea, these helpful tips will keep you focused on your goal.

Refer to Your Theme for Wedding Venue Ideas

Your wedding theme is simply the overall look you want for the big day. Pick a few words that describe the style to help. Then, use those to determine what type of location is a maybe or a no.For example, if your style is rustic, you’ll want a possible outdoor spot with wood accents, not a fancy hotel. Knowing your theme should help you to chop your ideas list down to at least half of what it was. If you’re still confused about it, check out this article to help.


Equally crucial is your budget. Remember that your venue is just one part of your wedding, and you will also need to allocate funds for photography, catering, and decorations—plan what you’d like to spend.

Check out Your Guest List

This is important because some places are built for 50 or less, while others can hold hundreds. Looking at how many people you’re planning to invite will again make your wedding venue list smaller. At Denison Ridge, we can accommodate up to 150 people, increasing your opportunities to share this special day with everyone you love.

Narrow Down Your Options

At this point, your ideas should be more focused than when you started. Up until now, the main issue has been to eliminate locations. Now, we’ll focus not on what you don’t want but what sites you like a lot more than the others. Look at your list and see what makes some venues stand apart. Great spots for photos? Rentals included? Pick 3-5 things that speak to you. Often the best way to decide what places to visit is to look up their websites. Find out all the information you can find that way, and go from there.

Visit Wedding Venue Locations

Now you get to the fun part – visiting your favorite locations. You’ll want to take notes and pictures, if allowed, at each place. As you and your fiance tour these spots, try to envision yourselves getting married there. Picture the centerpieces, decor, and your guests to help you frame the day the way you want it to be.

Final Selection

After checking out the sites in person, there should be one or two that stand out above the rest. Maybe it’s exceptional service or the beautiful gazebo. Make your final selection based on the place that has most of the features you want. 

You might worry that you’ll make the wrong decision. Rest assured, you won’t! Every wedding spot is beautiful, but what makes a place unique is that you and your fiance will say your vows there, surrounded by those closest to you. This makes the location perfect.

Choosing your venue matters a lot, and it may take some time to decide. If you feel overwhelmed with how many excellent ideas are out there, know that using these six tips can make things easier. No matter what, no other wedding will ever be exactly like yours, with your guests, theme, and colors. Your wedding will showcase all that’s unique and wonderful about your marriage.

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