What to do with all those wedding photos!

By Taylor Oddino

Ladies – let’s be real. Wedding photographers are SO expensive. It’s absurd! You pay for a photographer to catch all those really special moments – the kiss at the alter, the first dance, cutting the cake, etc. – and then you probably pay some more to have all the photos delivered to you either via a disk or via an online folder. So now what? You’ll most likely post them to Facebook, and print a few to put around your house. But you paid so much for them; there’s got to be more to it than that! Here are some other fun ways to display your wedding photos.

What to do with all those Wedding Photos
WEDDING 1770 by Robert Kintner via Flickr, Some Rights Reserved – Creative Commons License


  • Create a slideshow

One way to compile your photos together is to make a photo slideshow.  You can go through your photos, pick the best ones and even add your first dance song so it plays while the photos change. If anyone asks about how your wedding was or if they can see pictures, this is something easy you can play for them. Plus you and the hubs can watch it together on your anniversary.

  • Holiday cards

You can always put one of your wedding photos on your thank you card to all your guests, but think beyond that too. You can make all sorts of gorgeous holiday cards with your wedding photos!

  • Magnets

This idea is fun because it will be a daily reminder of your special day. Getting your photos put onto little magnets is a fun way to display your photos. Plus they’ll be a conversation starter when everyone’s hanging out in the kitchen.

  • Canvas prints

The most typical way to display photos is by printing them and putting them in a frame. But canvas prints are another pretty way to display your photos. Splurge and get a big one for the bedroom!

  • Make a calendar

This will be another daily reminder of your special day. Every time you go to put a meeting on the calendar or check the time of your next dentist appointment – you’ll get to see a beautiful photo of you and your honey.

You spent a lot of money on those photos, and they are oh-so-beautiful! Whatever you do, make sure you find a way to display them, show them off and cherish them. What other ideas do you guys have? How can people display their wedding photos? Share in the comments below!

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