Finding supplies online is more popular than ever. But is it a good idea for your wedding? Can you even find the things you’ll need without going to a store in person? For almost everything, the answer is a resounding yes.

From wedding dresses to gifts, garlands, and candles, shopping online increases your options and can be cheaper. Check out the very best sites for all of your online supplies here.

Where to Find Pretty and Affordable Wedding Supplies Online that Fit Any Budget

Wedding Dresses

Some will always insist that this has to happen in person. However, online wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular. You can find some affordable options that don’t compromise on style with these sites


This Anthropologie-owned company is quite near perfect in terms of bridal fashion. It offers prices from the hundreds to a few thousand. Their styles are many and varied, and you can find a beautiful ensemble for any budget.


This brand is all about unique and sophisticated wedding dresses. Markarian has a variety of styles, but is a bit more on the expensive side.

Wedding Dress for Rent

If you want a super-affordable option and aren’t concerned about holding onto your dress for years to come, Wedding Dress for Rent is the perfect site. You can borrow a wedding dress for a fraction of the cost it would take to purchase it.

Party Favor

Wedding favors are a fun addition to the event, but the price can go up quickly with an extensive guest list. Check out these affordable options that your guests will love.


While it might seem like the place to shop for clothes, books, and more, this retail giant is also in the wedding party favor game. Amazon (this is an affiliate link) has tons of Wedding options, including bubble wands, candy, and bottle openers to thank your guests.


For a creative approach to party favors, check out Etsy. There’s a lot of handmade items, as well as fun gifts for your bridal party.

Wedding Decoration

Buying wedding decorations online has a lot of benefits. You can buy in bulk, feel free to shop around, and usually find what you’re looking for. Here are a few sites that offer tons of options to help you get started.

Wedding Star

This site offers excellent prices, and they sell anything and everything wedding-related, from aisle runners to candle holders to programs. Their selection includes a lot of stuff, but we especially love their wedding decor.

Oriental Trading

This website has centerpieces, signs, garlands, and more. You can probably find all the decorations you need at Oriental Trading, and all for a low price.

That’s It!

Affordable wedding shopping is increasing in demand, and these sites deliver – big time. Remember, when purchasing online, always check their exchange and return policy. Try to keep from buying last minute by ordering a few months in advance. It keeps wedding stress far away.

You’ll love the freedom of shopping for online supplies for your big day at Denison Ridge. With thousands of ideas to help you, your perfect wedding will come together quickly, and you’ll save money, too!

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