Are you wondering if a wedding venue business and your children go together? From toddlers to teenagers to adult I believe children are a gift from God and should be involved in what family is passionate about, at least until they want to branch out on something of their own. There is a way to have a wedding venue business on your property and still raise a family. Here are some ideas to start with.

Your Children- and Your Wedding Venue Business

Before I get started I wanted to share with you some of my favorite family verses from scripture.

Psalms 127: 3-4

“Behold, children are a gift of the Lord; The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one’s youth.”

Psalms 139: 13-14

“For thou didst form my inward parts; Thou didst weave me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Thy works, And my soul knows it very well.”

Growth Stages

While this is not the perfect way to describe our sweet children, I couldn’t think of another way to give out the ideas.


Oh toddlers! They are so busy and want to be part of everything, explorers for sure. While I didn’t have toddlers when we started the business in our backyard, I do know many that do. I think the main thing is to give yourself grace. It might take longer to get things accomplished on your list, but it can be done.

I know my toddlers loved to be outside, even if it was in a stroller with toys so I could work in the garden or get my weeding done. Just know you will have to take breaks, we all know toddlers want to eat all. the. time., lol.

Most things can be accomplished with a toddler in tow except for wedding rehearsals and wedding day. Older siblings could take on the sitting role or grandma might be able to step in and help on that day. I would always compensate with a wage or trade of some sort. We don’t ever want to take advantage of our helpers.

Sometimes mom and dad can even take shifts. It would be easy to set up a schedule for who works the shifts throughout the day. Again, you must use common sense! It has to be doable for everyone involved.

There will be tired and cranky moments. I don’t even deal with toddlers anymore I get the cranks, lol! Please do the best you can to try and avoid overworking. It will take a few weddings to get the plan down to a science, so don’t get discouraged.


Oh this age is so fun. I remember my children loved to help. Umm, I also remembered it was easier to do things myself at times. But really friends, what an opportunity to teach cleaning, organizational, and diligence skills!

You can give your sweet children simple tasks that are age appropriate. It would be easy to set up a chart with their individual tasks to do. I think this would be a perfect opportunity to teach about money skills as well.

Our children were not given an allowance. If you live in our house you clean up after yourself and help mom and dad when asked. However, when we started the business they were paid for their service. You decide what payment will be and of course help them manage it.

Please remember to recognize a job well done! This is so important. Appreciation is the best way to encourage children, or any age.

I suppose this goes with out saying, but teach the child how to do a job well. Yes this takes time, remember I said, “it was easier to do things myself at times” it’s true, but how will they know to do a good job if we do not take the time to train them in the task?

Plus, once they are trained it takes something off your plate. I have found it is good to check the project when done to make sure it passes the MOM test, lol! Because, we get paid for a job well done.

Teenager to Adult

Awe, the teenage years and beyond. My teenagers and now adult children bless my socks off. They have been so helpful! Strong, smart, reliable, savvy with social media, up to date on style and color, oh my, I could go on and on. Not perfect children, but neither am I! Goodness perfect would be so boring anyway, lol.

I have been a stay at home, homeschool mom forever it seemed at the time. But the rewards have been so. good. Challenging, time-consuming, motivating, a huge learning experience (in so many ways) that I will never regret.

Having the four children around Les and I most of their growing up years has proven to be, for us, the best relationship builder in our family tree. But I digress, lol! We are talking about children and the wedding venue.

By the time this stage rolls around, our children are able to do everything Les and I can. Setting up chairs and tables, getting heavy decor in place, washing chairs, putting on linens, anything we ask or need.

There is a sign up sheet for the days they want to work each wedding season. We need two teenagers/adults for each wedding setup + Les and I. Usually takedown requires one extra person, besides Les and I.

Sometimes I draw a blank, yep, it does happen. It’s nice to have the help of adult children in the decision making process at times. They can help with décor or even table arraignment decisions.


I’m grateful our children can use their talents at our wedding venue business. And Jaryd, my 6’4 baby boy is so strong, such a help with the heavy décor items, he’s also good at washing chairs. : ) They all have a sweet spirit, and we have the best time during the two hours it takes to set up.

Now as adults, they bring the grandkids (four in all) who run and play while we set up. They don’t always come, it depends if their dad is working or not that day. They are already asking when they can make money working at grandma and grandpa’s wedding venue business!

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